Oh yeah.. I have a BLOG!

Thanks to Dave Morrow for reminding me that I have a blog. 🙂 He mentioned it in this post. He’s also been sharing several of my photos lately.. which is awesome because I’ve always admired his photography. Thanks again Dave!

I had been so focused on the gallery show for the past several months that I ended up taking a self-imposed haitus from both capturing images in the field as well as creating new ones from archived files. While it drove me nuts to not be able to use my camera as well as re-work most of my images from the ground up, thus constantly looking at my OLD work with an extremely critical eye, it all worked out in the end.

The gallery show went off without a hitch and there’s not much I would change about doing my next one. Maybe I’d frame all of my images instead of displaying them the way I did.

ANYWHO.. I’ve since been back at it both in the field and in processing. There’s kind of a lot that’s been going on. So instead of making ONE GIANT blog post.. I’ll separate it into different entries that will be a little more specific. Here are a couple of topics that I’ll be hitting:

  • Gallery Show Recap/Photos
  • The story behind the shot: Monday Morning

I know that’s not a lot. But I also know that not a lot of people read this blog.

ALSO.. I know that a lot of the links below are broken. I had done some reworking to my site and thus moved some files around. Rather than go fix them all I just invite you to go check out the images on my website if you like: http://www.tjthornephotography.com. From now on I’ll just upload the images directly to WordPress rather than hyperlink from my site.. because that will always be evolving.

Thanks for reading!!



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