Favorite images of 2013

What. A. Year.

2013 brought a lot of change for me. Not only was it an amazing year for my photography.. but it was also a very challenging year personally. And with each challenge I found myself turning to the outdoors to restore balance and sense-of-self. I fell deeper and deeper into my appreciation, gratitude, and lust for the natural world and the challenge of capturing those restorative moments in a way that moved me. I discovered the meditation that my relationship with that world via photography brings, and my bucket-list and yearn to see the world is ever growing.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me, challenged me, and pushed me in this endeavor. At the end of the day.. this is my thing. I NEED this. The fact that other people can appreciate this part of me is a bonus. So if you’re reading this.. and you’re one of them:

Thank you.

The following images are my favorites for different reasons. Some mark a pivotal time in my photography, some have a meaning that resonates deep in my soul, and some I just like. I’ll present them in chronological order.

Favorite Images of 2013

ImageResurrection – 1.24.13


Release – 3.30.13


Endor Redwoods – 4.27.13


After Light – 4.28.13


Ruckel Creek I – 5.23.13


Refresh, Reset – 5.28.13


Centered – 7.20.13


Unleashed – 10.22.13


Winter Veil of Mossy Grotto – 12.9.13


Monday Morning – 12.9.13

And there you have it. I’d love to hear your comments. Did you have an image of mine that you connected with the most?


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