10.4.14 Evening Check-in


I arrived at Crater Lake National Park yesterday at about 4pm. After checking in with my point-person, getting a tour of the cabin, and acquiring a backcountry camping permit I took off to the rim to watch the sun drop behind the horizon. With it being such a busy day I really wanted to take the opportunity to just sit down and get in touch with my environment. I picked an out of the way spot near Hillman Peak to watch the sunset and then retired to the cabin for some much needed sleep.

Here’s a short video I took upon arrival. It was taken with my iPhone.. so I apologize for the quality. I will attempt to do any further videos with my DSLR.

And here is a guided tour of my accomodations:


I slept in. 🙂

I needed it.

I took my time getting the day started. As excited as I am to be here and have this time.. I also don’t want to rush things. I’m constantly rushing in my daily life. I am taking this moment to really really be in tune with my environment and I don’t want that to be forced.. pressured.

It’s pretty overwhelming to know that I have so many places to potentially explore and it’s easy to get caught up in too much planning. Again, I am just letting things happen as they may. I didn’t know where I was going to go today, where I was going to sleep, or what I was going to do. So I just drove.

I drove the whole way around the rim, pulling off at viewpoints and scoping potential vantage points.I searched for patterns, lines, curves, and light. I hung next to the weekend tourists. I decompressed a little.

Not until I drove through an area that has piqued my interest every time I have visited the park did I really get out to do some exploring. I spent a couple of hours scouting some stands of White Bark pine trees on a hillside. I decided to take a breather and make another short video. In this one I practiced speaking slower, enunciating my words, not saying ‘ummmm’, and looking into the camera. It still took me a couple of takes.. but I can see me eventually being more used to being IN FRONT of a camera:-)

I didn’t get any photos that speak to me tonight.. but I am also attempting to not dive right into the process of capturing photos. I want the photos to happen to me when they want to.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I plan to watch the land wake up, because as Dick Proenneke says, ‘it’s a shame for our eyes to be closed when such things are going on’.



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