10.6.14 Morning Check-in and Videos

Just got back to the cabin from a night out. Batteries are drained so I’m recharging and backing-up my data.

I started the day off with a hike and rest along Plaikni Falls Trail. It was mid-day and the light was harsh. It’s a pretty little falls but it’s also running low and is nothing like the jaw dropping/lush falls of the Columbia River Gorge back home. I just used the hike as a moment to connect and get some exercise.

I then decided to drive around the rim and scope out vantage points again. I find areas I’d like to check out every time. It’ll just be a matter of scoping them out over the two weeks. I will say that my favorite area of the park is the western rim, where Wizard Island can be used in various ways in the composition and not look like the size of a pea.

I hiked up to a more remote spot (remote in that no one really goes there/is no trail) and made a video. I decided to gather some stuff at the cabin and head back for sunset and stars. I planned on staying up the whole night but the calm winds and quietness got a hold of me and I ended up laying out my sleeping bag about 10 feet from my camera and taking naps in between exposures. I took a video talking about my plans for the evening shoot.

I woke up for the sunrise, watched the light, had some coffee, and soaked it in. MAN am I a lucky guy right now.

I also had ‘my moment’ last night. The moment where I finally feel balanced. I was watching the light fade from the sky and the moon move across the sky. The stars were coming out and it was perfectly calm. What a moment to experience.


Here are the two videos:

And an iPhone snap of where I rested in between exposures:



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