10.7.14 Morning Check-in

Good morning.

Nothing new to report. After coming back to the cabin and recharging my batteries yesterday morning I headed out to scout the western rim for some ideas. I found a couple that perhaps I’ll save for another time. I ended up running into some PCT hikers and accompanied them on a hike to The Watchman Tower overlook. It’s a wonderful view up there.

The lake was a lot choppier last night and again.. the sunset light over the lake wasn’t very appealing, thanks to some forest fire smoke on the opposite side of the rim. I tripped a couple of frames towards the sun to try and capture the layers of the distant hills and called it a night.

I decided to take this morning to sleep in so that I am rested enough to stay up for the lunar eclipse tonight. I don’t do well staying up super late. 🙂

I’m about to head out right now and do some scouting. The direction I’ll have face to capture the moon at eclipse puts me on the N-NE side of the rim. I haven’t scouted over there much at all… so today should be a fun time of running through some forests and brush to try to find something nice. I’m going to travel a little lighter for this scouting trip and then come back to the cabin later in the evening to gather the things I’ll need.

NOTHING happens before coffee, though. 🙂


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