10.10.14 Morning Check-in and Videos

It’s been a quiet couple of days. We ended up getting some nice light on Tuesday night, but I was ill positioned to the North of Llao Rock which offers unattractive compositions.

Wednesday I took a day off from shooting to get some provisions/gas, and mix up my scenery a bit. So I headed to Bend and met up with some friends at Sparks Lake before coming back to the park.

Thursday I spent scouting the south side and the top of Hillman Peak for compositions. I’m discovering that the west rim is really the best place for photography. Anything farther north or east renders Wizard Island very small/insignificant and there’s too much empty space caused by the lake on the sides. You could do a panoramic, but without the interest of Wizard Island every shot is going to look the same: A lake framed by trees, rocks, and dirt. From the south you can get better views of the island but it will intersect with the near western rim, and unless I have snow to help separate, it just doesn’t cut it for me.

I made a video talking about these things. I apologize for the wind. I didn’t realize it was that bad:

Getting to the top was a little sketchy on the crumbly ground and unstable rocks. The better approach to Hillman peak is from the west ridge through the White Bark Pine ‘forest’. Here’s a video I made of the top:

I did return for sunset but the lake had turned choppy and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. My ‘shooting’ pack is a lot heavier than my scouting pack (has overnight supplies and ALL of my camera gear..) so it was worrysome traversing the ridges and having to do minimal climbing. But I did it and came back down while it was still daylight to investigate the white bark pines I had walked through.

Heading back out to do some more scouting. We’re supposed to have clouds tonight. 🙂


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