10.13.14 Morning Check-in. Goals, composition, and rambling.

I am discovering that Crater Lake is a challenging place for me to shoot. There are only a handful of different types of images that you can make here, debatable obviously, and you can make those in different ways: The lake framed in rocks, dirt, or trees. But I don’t want to come away with just another ho-hum Crater Lake image. That’s not what I go for. I like to capture my landscapes in different conditions. I want to do what others might shy away from. I want to work harder for my images and I want it to pay off with an original composition, rare conditions, and something that just speaks to me.

I’ve settled on a couple of different shots I am going for. One is from the north side of Hillman Peak. I’m looking for a nice sunrise/set in the sky to match the majesty of the lake below. Another is from the very top of Hillman Peak with a glassy, calm lake and yes.. a nice sky to match. The third image I have in my mind is based more on Wizard Island and confining that in the composition with some kind of framing or isolation. Of course I will shoot other things that present themselves but these are the three that I’ve been chasing. I’ve done the scouting and have found the elements.. now I just have to wait for the conditions. That has been the most frustrating part. I don’t have a lot of luck with getting really nice sunsets or sunrises. Usually when I’m out to capture that specifically I get clear skies and that has pretty much been the case here. I have had one night where the sky absolutely went off but I was experimenting with shooting from a different place on the rim and the compositions just don’t appeal to me from that night. It was amazing to see the land and water bathed in a blood red light. Most other days have resulted in clear skies as the sun drops below the horizon.

I have hopes for tonight. It seems as though the conditions are going to be a lot better than I’ve had so far, and they’re calling for snow this week which, in fact, is why I picked the dates that I did for my residency: I chose as late as they would allow me so that I had a chance of being here for the first snow. So we’ll see how that goes. Either way it’ll be nice to finally get some weather systems moving through and causing interesting things to happen with the light.

Here are two videos I made. Nothing ground breaking. It’s been pretty uneventful lately while I just wait for the conditions to show up for my compositions.

Tonight will be spent on the top of Hillman Peak again. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂




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